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10 Ideas for a Cozy Fall Outdoor Space

10 Ideas for a Cozy Fall Outdoor Space

Just because the weather turns chilly doesn’t mean you have to pack it in and stop your outdoor entertaining. Simply employ a few of these ideas to cozy it up outside for a fun and eventful fall.

Beverage Station

You may already have a beverage station set up for cold drinks, but consider creating a warm beverage station for your guests. Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and cider are all good choices to take the chill off. Use thermoses or other insulated carafes to keep the liquids nice and hot.

Repurposed Bird Bath

Fill an old bird bath with candles and seasonal accents, like pine cones or small pumpkins, for a pretty and cozy display.

Embrace Nature

Make the most of the beautiful fall leaves by filling a large jar or vase with them and adding some twinkle lights. Not only does the soft glow create a warm and inviting atmosphere, the light reflecting on the colored leaves is stunning.

Pile on the Plush

Don’t be afraid to load up your space with soft, fuzzy pillows and blankets to add an extra layer of comfort and warmth. To cozy up the ground, try layering textured and plush rugs.

Wrap Them Up

For a snuggly, soft finish, consider wrapping your planters in burlap or another fun fabric. Doing so not only creates the illusion of warmth, it adds to your fun, seasonal fall decor.

Natural Seating

If you’re in need of extra seating, hay bales make a great choice for fall. They are inexpensive, fairly easy to locate, and naturally insulating. Most of all, they look seasonal and fun!

Cozy Candles

Along the same lines as wrapping your planters in a rustic or seasonal fabric, consider giving your candles a cozy upgrade by wrapping hurricanes or tall vases in sweater fabric. Make sure to always use caution with open flames.

Add Seasonal Accents

Try filling outdoor lanterns with candles and seasonal accents. Small pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones work especially well. Not only will the lanterns provide mood lighting, they will make a great addition to your seasonal decor.

Snuggle Station

Encourage your guests to gather and get cozy by dedicating an area for them to grab an extra blanket, hat, scarf or gloves. Roll or fold the blankets and organize them in baskets or other open containers so that they’re easy to grab. The outdoor garb can be hung or organized in open containers for easy access.

Seasonal Votives

Another great way to light up your outdoor space is with candle-filled floating apples. Just fill an old metal tub with water and unload a bag of apples into it. Cut out a hole in the top of half of them big enough to hold a votive candle, and push the votive into it. Light the candles and watch the flames dance as they float gently in the water. Again, always remember to use caution with open flames.

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