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10 Design Ideas for Small Spaces

10 Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Add style and substance to your small home — like faking a functional closet or sneaking in a handy workstation — with these creative design ideas.

1. Bookshelf Boost

Lacking wall space to show off your art? Not a problem. Simply add nails or removable adhesive strips to the front of your bookshelves to showcase your treasured pieces.

2. Let the Sunshine In

Sometimes it’s necessary to go vertical to make a small space feel larger. If your rooms are dark and dated, consider adding skylights to lighten them up and make them feel more open and airy. To make the room feel taller as well, try recessing the skylight into the top of a wall.

3. Space-Saving Lights

Trade out table lamps for pendant lights installed above your nightstands to maximize space in a small bedroom. Not only does this free up surface area for nighttime reading material, you’ll also have room to charge your phone, stow your glasses or stash a nightcap.

4. Workstation Work-Around

If you’re having trouble fitting a workstation into your tiny home, consider swapping your nightstand for a slim desk. Simply add lighting and you’ve got all you need just a few inches away, including plenty of room for work or surfing the net in your spare time.

5. Upholstered Wall Headboard

No room for a headboard in your small-space bedroom? Try upholstering the wall instead. Simply use batting and a fabric you love on the wall behind the bed to create the look of a headboard without taking up any valuable floor space. Add an eye-catching border to hide the rough fabric edges.

6. Counterfeit Closet

Most small bedrooms lack storage space, which can be terribly frustrating. Consider faking a closet as an effective solution. Just install wall shelves that feature a bar on the bottom to house hanging items and place a long storage bench underneath to hide stacks of folded clothes. Voila! You’ve added style and function.

7. Mirror, Mirror on the … Window

For those who lack space for a mirror in their bathroom, but whose bathroom features a window with a less-than-stellar view, why not hang the mirror in the window to save space? Depending on the size of the window, you could also add a pair of sconces. Consider frosting the window to hide the mirror and brackets from the outside.

8. Maximized Living Room

By using strategic concealed storage for toys and tech needs and versatile modular furniture that can be easily rearranged, maximizing a small living room is a snap. Hang wall sconces for a space-saving lighting solution, or incorporate lighting into built-ins for a room that feels brighter and more open.

9. Squeeze In Extra Sleep Space

Put a twin or full mattress and frame to work turning a wasted corner into a daybed or bonus guest room on the fly. Once you’ve fit the mattress into a tight position, use the framing materials to customize a built-in look that transforms the previously lackluster space into a stylish sleep nook.

10. Clearly More Open

Although more costly than the alternative, steel and glass shower doors and partitions are a great way to brighten up your tiny bathroom and make it feel larger. Simply choosing glass over a pony wall or shower curtain opens up the entire room and allows for more reflective light.

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