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10 Curb Appeal Trends That Are Here to Stay

10 Curb Appeal Trends That Are Here to Stay

Make the front of your home stand out from the rest of your street with one or more of these curb appeal trends. They’re hot, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon!

Stylish Sidewalks

The front yard is no longer just a spot for lawn. You can now transform your landscape into something special. Consider injecting some design appeal into your humdrum sidewalk and integrating it with the surrounding shrubs, trees and plants.

Vintage Flair

As a trend, retro shows no sign of slowing down — even when it comes to curb appeal. On a front entry, consider trying a retro plant display. You can use a vintage cart or repurposed bar cart as a focal point and add in fun planters and other personalized accents, like vintage pitchers or a bird cage.

Personalized Greenery

Wreaths on entryway doors are standard fare for boosting curb appeal. What is new, however, are wreaths that exhibit a more personalized touch. For example, consider a vertical garden or a wreath in a specific shape, number or letter.

Blooms Everywhere

While containers, window boxes and hanging baskets have always been great ways to improve curb appeal, the latest trend has blooms showing up in unexpected places and on other buildings, like on the garage and trailing along trellises.

Fancy Driveways

The days of plain old asphalt or concrete driveways are long gone. Today’s drives make use of decorative stampings, bricks and other materials to add creative and unique curb appeal to houses of any style.

Unusual House Numbers

One general design trend that has been embraced is the use of unique colors and shapes, both inside and outside the home. It’s fun to put that into play to boost curb appeal, especially with regard to small accents like house numbers. A fun pop of color or a playful design goes a long way.

Perfect Hardware

Small details can make a big statement. A simple, yet profound way to enhance your home is by installing a new lock and door handle. With many new and interesting options available nowadays, you can easily find something that enriches your home design and helps showcase your entryway.

Cool Containers

A collection of plants and flowers displayed in regular plastic or terra-cotta containers are great. But a more stylish and trend-forward curb appeal idea would be to use containers made of unusual materials or in unique shapes. For instance, galvanized metal containers come in tall, short, narrow and wide varieties, as well as many different textures. Consider filling them with found branches and bright, colorful blooms.

Individualized Door

A trendy entryway door boost that doesn’t involve paint or stain is enlarging an attractive image to fit the entry and applying it to the door with an exterior adhesive. Note that you’ll have to cut out spots for hardware and the peephole.

Front Yard Gathering Spot

Up until recently, the front yard was generally a place for the formal entrance to a home while the back was where families and visitors relaxed and socialized. This tradition has been turned around as new curb appeal trends embrace front yard living, including seating and tables encouraging gatherings.

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