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10 Cozy Pet Nooks Your Cat or Dog Will Love

10 Cozy Pet Nooks Your Cat or Dog Will Love

Turn wasted space into a cute hangout for your pet. Here are 10 clever ideas to inspire you.

1. Reimagined Fireplace

Turn an unused or boarded up fireplace into a comfy little nook for your dog. You’ll love it because it keeps them from being underfoot, and they’ll love it because it’s cozy, secure and a special space just for them.

2. Stylish Dining Spot

Rather than trying to hide or camouflage food and water bowls, show them off by designing a dedicated space for them out in the open. For example, incorporate an elevated food station into your chosen room using the same colors or tiles so it integrates seamlessly, yet makes a statement. Elevating the bowls not only looks chic, it’s actually healthier for dogs, especially those that are older with limited mobility.

3. Beneath the Stairs

Let’s face it, if the space under the stairs is too small for a closet, it’s usually written off as unusable. However, that little spot just might be the perfect size for a snuggly dog bed. You can even incorporate a little platform with a drawer under the dog bed to hold treats and toys.

For a more complex use of the space, consider creating a small den-like retreat for your pup. Add a gate or door so it can be an effective calming spot during loud or unnerving events like parties, thunderstorms or fireworks.

4. Laundry Room Pet Space

If your home lacks a mudroom or kitchen space to use as a pet area, the laundry room makes a great alternative. Convert a corner, or integrate a dog bed into the cabinetry for a little doggie oasis.

5. Pet-Friendly Porch

Design a spot on the porch for your pup to relax and cool off in the summer heat. For a stylish solution that doesn’t take away from your porch decor, try converting a storage bench into a dog shelter. Simply cut out an opening in the front big enough for your pup to access and cozy up the inside. You can still use it for seating, and your furry friend has a place to rest — it’s a win/win!

6. Pull-Out Pet Food Place

For those lacking extra room to leave food bowls out, consider hiding them in plain sight by stashing them in pull-out drawers. You can incorporate the bowls into existing cabinetry, or seek out specialty pieces for your specific situation, like a bed with drawers underneath or a window seat featuring pull-out drawers for storage. Keep in mind, while hiding food bowls is a great way to keep things streamlined, pets should always have access to water.

7. Customized Kitchen Spot

It’s not uncommon for your pet to want to be close to you, as most dog owners are well aware. If you spend a large amount of time in the kitchen, why not design a special spot for them to relax near you while you work? It can be as simple as dedicating a corner for a bed, or as complex as incorporating a custom built-in that blends with the style of the space.

Another idea is to utilize the area under your kitchen island that is typically converted into storage for kitchen accessories, like cookbooks, themed collections or awkward specialty items. Instead, turn that hollow space into a dedicated puppy paradise.

8. Hidden Litter Box

If you’re a cat person, you’ve probably learned the hard way that just because you dedicate a special spot for your cat doesn’t mean they’ll use it. However, there is one thing you can control — where to put the litter box. You can really get creative, especially now with specialty pieces available, like bench seats and cabinets, that hide or camouflage litter boxes and accessories, but feature subtle entrances for the cat.

Another fun and trendy idea is to hollow out a small private niche in the wall to house the litter box. Kitty gets some privacy and you now have a cleaner look.

9. Prettied-Up Doggie Pen

Pet crates can be a real eyesore. The good news? You can easily conceal them and pretty them up. An effective solution is to customize built-in wall space or an upholstered bench that houses the crates in a stylish way. Incorporate the specialty bench into your mudroom decor and use it for putting on or taking off shoes while simultaneously providing cover for the unsightly pet crate.

10. Repurposed Furniture

If you like the idea of a special spot for your pet but don’t have the space or dollars to put towards it, consider making a cozy nook out of furniture. There are some great ideas online for turning vintage pieces into pet beds that provide function and style.

One simple suggestion is to clean up an old nightstand or end table that features a single drawer up top and a cubby or shelf underneath. Add a pillow or pet bed in the cubby space for a nice comfy place for your small pet. Toys and treats can be stored in the drawer.

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