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10 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Flatter You & Your Space

10 Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Flatter You & Your Space

Lighting has the power to make or break your bathroom. With endless lighting options available, how do you know what type to choose? Here’s a little inspiration and guidance to get you started.


One of the quickest and most effective ways to bring some zest to a bathroom is to opt for sconces with printed lampshades. For an even bolder statement, pair them with colorful tiles. Place your lights strategically, such as above specific task zones like the sink or bathtub areas, to ensure those spots have ample lighting. An adjustable sconce is also a good idea, allowing you to move it based on where more lighting is needed.


For a moody, intimate atmosphere, consider backlighting your tub with a soft glow. To increase the intensity, try adding iridescent accessories or wallpaper that accentuates the glow even further.


If you’re going for an edgy, modern style, you can’t top multiple spotlights above a sleek bathtub/shower combo. Spotlights are a perfect choice when it comes to setting the stage for cool minimalism.

Statement Pendant

If drama is your thing, consider using a single pendant light to highlight a specific feature, such as an interesting bathtub. Pendants are especially effective in narrowing airy environments so that they feel more formal and intimate.

Recessed Lighting

For those that prefer crisp, clean, modern styles, recessed lighting might be a good choice. Not only does it pair well with edgier designs, but it’s also one of the safer lighting options when it comes to wet environments. To help light bounce more in smaller bathrooms, pair recessed lighting with a wall-to-wall mirror.

Table Lamp

Definitely not the obvious choice, a classic table lamp can actually be perfect in a bathroom environment as long as there is enough surface space to accommodate it. Find one that has extra character for an unusual lighting choice that makes an even bigger statement.

Flush Mount

If your bathroom is crisp and formal, consider a simple and modern flush mount lighting option. Sconces and coordinating flush mounts will give you plenty of light as well as a consistent look.

Track Lighting

For an interesting twist on track lighting, consider installing them vertically on the wall instead of overhead. They work well with sleek, luxe materials, and streamlined modern styles.

Offset Sconces

Inject a little creativity into your lighting placement. Your sconces don’t have to go on the wall directly above the sink. Instead, for smaller spaces, try mounting them on the surrounding walls so you still benefit from plenty of light and style, but you’re not throwing the scale off.

Natural Light

While you can’t always have control over how much natural light your space gets, it’s important to make the most of what you do have. If you have a lot of natural light streaming in, don’t hesitate to flaunt it. Try adding mirrors to enhance it, or positioning your bathtub under a window to make the most of it. After all, natural light is the most flattering and peaceful light to bathe in. Just be sure to add blinds or curtains to ensure privacy when you need it.

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